sunLighten Your Day

So Al approached me with a job; to film  a conference….a small gathering…a meeting…a product launch…with 10 people…35 people.. one key speaker…at least 3 key speakers! SIGH!!

So as you can see- plans change. Clients need to know they can have the flexibility to change their mind. After all- not many people understand the film making process. It's like building a house- there is a whole system of rules in place - but I want to have some some security in knowing I can contribute creatively to the process and change my mind (to some degree of course).

I was asked to film their new product- the mPulse Sauna. cuz ya know- I know heaps about personal saunas- infact I have one in every room- yeah right!!

That's the thing I love about film making- it takes you to new places, to meet new people and to find out about their world- some people really do have saunas in every room!!

Shot on the 550D- 35mm, 10mm Tamron
Edited with FCP v7

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